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I have had several problems with a new boat, Here is the storey.

I have been fishing for several years and was selected to be a part of the Triton Boat Pro Staff in 2006. I ordered a boat through The Sportsmens Edge in Paducah Ky in June of 2006 I took delivery in Feb 2007. At delivery there were a few problems (noted below) then a few weeks later there were several problems. I took it back to dealer weekly for several weeks due to a faulty sensor that could not be found. Then it was in the shop 17 weeks the first 18 mths I owned the boat. I have had a problem with the steering since day one it has been worked on numerous times the last time at the Triton Factory. After the steering totally locked up a few weeks after being at Triton Factory while fishing a tournament I have had it. I tried to Trade it in at the dealer where I bought it but was offered 9,000.00 less than I paid for it 6 mths earlier (Pro Staff deal must have been a good one). Looking back that would have been cheap to get out of this nightmare. This boat has been in the shop approx 1 out of every 5 days I have owned it. It has been in the shop at The Sportsmens Edge or the Triton Factory for all these repairs at least twice.

2007 Triton TR200 X2

Following at delivery1) Fender broke and had bad paint (left side setting in boat)2) Paint bad on left rear corner of boat3) Paint had bad spots on left and right side of boat

4) Crack on left side of transom5) Crack on right side of transom6) Crack's on drivers console7) Crack on deck in right (drivers side) locker area8) Crack's on right side of both center storage9) Seat pedestal on left seat leans bad10) Speedometer will not move11) Seats (cover will not stay on bottom)12) Seat pedestal leans bad on both seats13) Steering hard (more than others I have drove) to turn left at all times14) Triton charger bad on one leg15) Cranking battery bad or starter?16) Latches feel off on rear compartment17) Windshield anchors bad18) Carpet loose in a couple areas19) Cover above glove box came off20) Shifter came loose21) Fuel gauge22) Steering box loose in hyd gear box23) Gas smell in rod locker bad (about 3 mths after using)24) Motor (250 PRO XS) extremely noisy between 3100 "" 3700 rpm

The Boat was 3 mths old at the time of these problems

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Hello I have DV186 2006. I put the incorporate battery charger on and when the light on my battery charger turn green all those battery was not full charge. 8.6 amperes max


i love my 2006 tr200. triton puts one of the best boats out on water...theres not a boat that fishes like a triton this baby will float in a 18inches of water and will take big waves head on...pluse its quick.aint no ranger ,champion, nitro, skeeter,and so on going to beat you there.

if you can drive...and for everybody that says they cant drive there triton it chimes to the right so keep up with it by jerking the wheel to the left. drive it dont let it drive you.I LOVE MY TRITON

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #443615

The boat gets to swaying back and forth at 62 gets so bad you have to back off. can't control.It is an 2006 21 pro x need advice on what to do to stop this from doing the eradic motion.Very dangerious.

equiped with a 250 pro xs.Dealer says i need to learn to drive?

So what am i doing wrong? I have owened bass boats for 35 years my first Triton

to jim Loxahatchee, Florida, United States #616757

It takes practice to drive a chinewalking boat.when the boat starts to sway to the right,tug the steering wheell to the left gently,its kinda like stopping a ball swinging on a stop it from swinging,you go the other way incrementally.I learned this technique from owning and driving Florida built storm bass boats.adding some weight In the front helps also,as does a fourblade trophy prop.weight distribution is very important in high performance is driving skill and knowledge.try to find someone that has the skills to drive your boat,and it will amaze you at how easy it really is.


Jim on June 22, 2011,

the swing tongue for storage space probably doesn't have play in it, if so, your trailer is the only one to have play. I'm guessing what your feeling in your truck is the surge brake tongue releasing when you ***, I'm betting you feel a lurch. That's normal with surge brakes and will get better, less noticeable over time.


I know how tou feel. I can't list all the problems I have.

I don't have enogh space.I have a 2004 Triton 186 Magnum w/150 Merc XR6. I wish had not bought it now. Problems with the dealer knowing how to fix it, the motor, the boat, and the trailer. Oh yea!

I forgot the the trowling motor was wire backwards and on 12 volts. The heads on the motor have blown twice. Even though they warranty the heads with some talking, I had to pay for installation. On the boat the rod tubes broke.

poor rivet job. The buttons on control panel went out. The livewell siphons completely if I push the pump-out and turn it back off or if I running on the water. Console buttons are out for the second time.Dealer can"t seem to find them.

They try to fix it but now I have a leak. Have to install an automatic bilge pump to keep up with the problem. Had to have one weld job but the boat still leaks. still can't find it.

Compartments leak. lost a lot of equipment due to moisture. Had to have the trailer welder on the bumper post. Its not heavy duty enough.

Replaced the the tires after two months. Brought a new Motor from a different dealer. I got only a $4500 trade in. Should have traded in the Heads.

They cost more.

Still having more problems. I have to look at the bright side, I'm still fishing.


One of the most solid and stable boats I have ever owned, but with that comes a very heavy tongue weight which is too much for the average person to lift. The swing back tongue is convenient for storage space but has a lot of play which transfers to the truck.

The steering is also one of the hardest to turn I have ever experienced. Overall though, it's a great bass boat


I have a 2010 triton 1657ss stick steer boat, the steering is ok at slow speeds but at higher speeds its like steering a manual steering mac truck, the boat dealers dont know how to fix the problem, did triton test these boats out before selling them to the public. im not the only one with this problem.

to Robert Powell #1168388

I have the same model trim motor up while running it on plane it will be smooth like butter in love my boat

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